четверг, 10 декабря 2015 г.

djGraff last week ext mixes and remixes 10.12.15

Coldplay ft.Beyonce-Hymn for the weekend(djGraff ext mix)
DJ Carisma ft.Chris Brown & DeJ Loaf-Til the morning(djGraff ext mix)
Dougie F ft.Pitbull & 40 Cobras-On purpose(djGraff ext mix)
Flo Rida-Dirty mind(djGraff ext mix)
Jeremih ft.Ty Dolla $ign-Impatient(djGraff ext mix)
Lupe Fiasco ft.Ayesha Jaco-Prisoner 1 & 2(djGraff ext mix)
Nas-Bridging the gap(djGraff ext mix)
Play N Skillz ft.Daddy Yankee-Not a crime(djGraff ext mix)
Pusha T ft.The-Dream-M.F.T.R.(djGraff ext mix)
Rotimi ft.50 Cent-Lotto(djGraff ext mix)
Suzanne Vega vs.E.I.-Tom's diner(djGraff bootleg mix)

Tyga ft.Rick Ross & 2 Chainz-Baller alert(djGraff ext mix)

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