воскресенье, 10 февраля 2013 г.

djGraff last week ext mixes and remixes 11.02.13


Aerosmith-I don't want to miss a thing(djGraff ext mix)
Akon-I don't want it(djGraff ext mix)
Alex Clare-Too close(djGraff ext mix)
Big Ali ft.Lil Jon & Chris Reeder-Do it now(djGraff ext mix)
Cool Kids-Mikey rocks(djGraff ext mix)
djGraff-Girl partybreak
Eve ft.Pusha T & Juicy J-She bad bad(djGraff ext mix)
Kevin Lyttle-Turn me on(djGraff ext mix)
K-Maro ft.Imposs,J-Seven & Sonday-Qu'est ce que ça te fout(djGraff ext mix)
K-Maro ft.Shy'm & Face-T-Histoires de luv(djGraff ext mix)
K-Maro-Lets go(djGraff ext mix)
Lil Kim ft.Mr.Papers-Pour it up(djGraff ext mix)
Los Del Rio-La macarena(djGraff no hype intro ext remix)
Maejor Ali ft.Juicy J & Justin Bieber vs.Aylen-Lolly(djGraff bootleg mix)
Maejor Ali ft.Juicy J & Justin Bieber-Lolly(djGraff ext mix)
Nelly vs.Flo Rida-Hey porsche(djGraff trasition mix 104-116 bpm)
P Square-Alingo(djGraff ext mix)
P Square-Alingo(djGraff ext no hype mix)
Sergey Lazarev ft.T-Pain-Cure the thunder(djGraff ext mix)
The Saturdays ft.Sean Paul-What about us(djGraff clap intro mix)

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